Study Groups

This report on the weekly study groups was made for the APCM 2014 by Barbara Gardom and Mary Hough:

The Thursday group has continued to meet on Thursday afternoons at 16 Iona Way. The numbers have remained the same as least year, approximately 7-10.

During Lent we remained with our study of St. Paul instead of doing a particular Lenten course. Two extra people attended during this period, one of whom continued for the duration of that study.  After its completion we embarked on a study of the Letters of John which we are still doing.

Group members benefit from the prayerful support which we receive from one another.  The meetings start between 1pm and 1.15pm and finish at around 3pm following tea and biscuits.  In 2013 we had our Christmas meal at the Urmston Hotel.

The group is always eager to welcome new members as they usually bring a refreshing new outlook on things.  Previous bible study experience is totally unnecessary as we are all learning together.  (BG)

The Tuesday group continued to meet weekly at 7.45pm with a usual attendance of 8-10 people.  The sessions begin with a time of song and prayer before turning to Bible study.  During 2013 we welcomed 4 new members to the group.  During 2013 we studied the life of David which involved looking at extracts from 1 and 2 Samuel and 1 Chronicles.  As in 2012 we listened to the passages for discussion using a professional recording.  We have found this brings the passages alive and brings added meaning and clarity to the words. After completing our study of David we spent a few sessions choosing favourite Psalms and sharing with one another what attracted us to them and what they meant to us.  Everyone enjoyed these sessions and some interesting discussions took place.  At the beginning of October we began a new Scripture Union Lifebuilder book studying Mark’s gospel.

We continued to support one another in prayer (MH)

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