Music Group

The Music Group has now been combined with the bible study group on Tuesdays and renamed The Fellowship group. It meets in the council room at 7:30pm..

Mags (Styles) is our Music Group leader and deputy organist. David Hough our organist and Sue Morford on clarinet and Brian Osborne on saxaphone provide the music for our services  with the congregation often encouraged to join in with our mixture of children's percussion instruments.

David is also 'our composer in residence' and in recent years he has written a number of worship songs/hymns which we have been delighted to use in our services.

We are an open group to which all are welcome, whether as regulars or just as occasional visitors. 

In the coming year we intend to continue meeting and singing together, preparing for special occasions and for the normal services here as part of our service to the Lord and his church.  Come and join us, whether you believe you can sing or not.  

Three members of our group (Mags, Wyndham and Pat) are also members of the Urmston Choral Society. More information on the society can be found on their web site at