Weekly Worship

The life of our church is sustained by worship and prayer. Everyone is welcome to join us for any of our services.

Regular Sunday Worship:

9.00am Holy Communion

A quiet service, usually a Holy Communion service without music using the Common Worship order of service. 

10.30am Holy Communion – Sung Service

This is our main Sunday worship on all Sundays. We use the Common Worship order of service and sing some parts of the service.

On the 3rd Sunday of each month we generally have a non-eucharistic 'Gathering to Worship' service which offers flexibility for a variety of music, readings, etc.

We aim to provide accessible worship which is simple without being casual. The order of service is projected on to a screen meaning you don't have to juggle with hymn books or service sheets if you prefer not to.

Families are welcome with the very young able to use a family corner.

Tea and coffee are served in the Council room after the service - all are welcome.


Seasonal Worship:

Through the seasons of the year there are many occasions for special services to enhance our worship and continue the rich traditions of the Church of England. So at Christmas time, during Lent and Easter, Ascentiontide and Harvest we include additional services. These will be shown on the News and Event page and in the Calendar.