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Our Building


Our church was built by local people so they would have a place to worship God. We continue that legacy.


Features in the church building

The Large Cross

Made in Perspex and wood, this cross was designed by the sculptress Josaphina de Vasconcellos and made by five boys in residential care. For several years it hung in St. Martin’s in the Fields in London, and then was exhibited in St. Pauls Cathedral, London and Liverpool Cathedral. Josephina has produced many sculptures including “The Holy Family”, on show in Manchester Cathedral. She is now into her nineties, but continues to sculpt in the Lake District.


The Stained Glass Windows

Of the many interesting features of Christ Church, perhaps the most striking to the eye of a visitor would be the contrast between the windows on the south and north walls. Four south-facing windows let in the light through plain glass, whilst four north-facing windows fill the building with rich, symbolic colour. These were designed by Mr K. G. Bunton, AMGP, and each one represents an “I AM THE….” sayings of Jesus as recorded in St. John’s Gospel.

Looking at the windows from left to right these are:

  1. I AM THE GOOD SHEPHERD. The abstract design shows the contorted body of the shepherd, pierced with flaming spear heads of pain. This window was a gift of the Sunday School.
  2. I AM THE BREAD OF LIFE. The green and yellow pattern represents a growing field of wheat. This window was a gift of The Women’s Fellowship.
  3. I AM THE WAY, THE TRUTH AND THE LIFE. This design indicates a road curving upwards. This window was the gift of The Mother’s Union
  4. I AM THE RESURRECTION AND THE LIFE. This design shows radiant colours surging upwards and outwards. This window was a gift of The Sewing Guild.

That the glass in the windows on the Lostock Road side should be plain was a conscious decision be the designer, so that not only could the congregation look out to the busy road and the parish, but that also those passing by should be able to see into their parish church – in other words, it was a building that was “open” to the world around it.

Further examples of the work of Mr K. G. Bunton can be found by typing “K.G.BUNTON” into your search engine. He made windows at another Christ Church in London.


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